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About Romarine Boats

The Legacy Continues

Located in Bristol, Rhode Island, Romarine was originally founded in 1976 by Manuel "Bibs" Vargas. He has created the great reputation that remains today. Although he still plays an active role in the company, it is now proudly owned and operated by his son David Vargas.

For over 40 years commercial fisherman have been choosing Romarine boats because of their heavy-duty construction. Our boats are put to the test 365 days a year. Our boats are not only known for their quality, but for their ability to handle the most rugged weather conditions. You will still see many of the original Romarines at the docks and performing efficiently today.

There are many decisions involved in purchasing a boat. At Romarine all the decisions are yours. The option to place the console or pilot house allows you to design the deck layout as you see fit, built in live wells and rod holders where you find convenient. We take pride in building you a custom boat designed to best suit your personal needs.

Romarine is also excited to announce the newest addition to our line "Ocean Scout". Around for many years and also located in Bristol, RI, Ocean Scout has been a frontier in both the sport fishing and commercial industries. Ocean Scout Boats are known  for their safety, simplicity and stability. Ocean Scout boats
have reliably served the needs of government, commercial, and recreational users for many years. We are honored to carry forward that notoriety.

Whether you're on a quest for the most durable work vessel or out to enjoy a comfortable fishing expedition we've got it covered!

Bibs Vargas ann David Vargas