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We present the owner with the rare opportunity to be involved in the construction of their boat. The result is a personalized fishing boat built to best suit your needs, the way you intend to use it.

At Romarine, all boats are built with the finest quality craftsmanship. Our hulls are hand layered using only the best resign, gelcoat, mat, bi-axiel and tri-axiel materials.

Romarine boats are built using all composite. Wood is no longer used in the manufacturing of our boats, unless it's by request.

  • The transom is an impressive two and a half inches thick, adding extra strength for larger motors.
  • The grid stringer system is made of molded fiberglass, increasing strength to the hulls bottom and transom of the boat.
  • Filling the box grid and below the floor with close cell foam provides floatation.
  • The self bailing cock-pit has two and a half inch freeing ports in the transom, providing an easy washing surface.
  • The gunal is solid fiberglass.
  • Heavy-duty pvc rubrail, stainless steel fasteners and hardware are standard with all models.
Romarine Boats Construction - Inside of Boat